Cheese Onion Toast Simple Recipe

Try this tasty recipe of cheese onion toast at home with this easy method. Serve it with coffee or tea with sauce or anything you like. You can eat chees onion toast as your evening time healthy snack or lunchtime meal. Hope you enjoy it.

Almond Biscuits Simple Recipe

You can easily make these almond biscuits/cookies or badam ke biscuits at home by this easy method. Serve these almond or badam biscuits/ cookies with anything like tea or coffee. Enjoy these at any time.

How to Bake Super Moist Butter Cake

Butter cake and Almond Biscuits can easily be made at home by this simple and easy method. Once you made it you can put slices of pineapple or strawberry and any other fruit you like.

Super Soft Marble Cupcake Recipe

This delightful super soft marble cupcake recipe is very yummy and very easy to make at home. Serve these marble cupcakes with tea or coffee besides this you can make them for any special occasion easily. Here you can also try the almond biscuits recipe.

Pizza Without Oven

As you can see lots of pizza recipes with an oven but we can also enjoy the same taste without using the oven. Here,  Reimage presents Pizzа without oven recipe step by step for you. It is a dish оf Itаliаn оrigin соnsisting оf а flаttened disk оf breаd dоugh tоррed with sоme соmbinаtiоn оf...

Baked Cheesy Chicken

Yummy and delicious baked cheesy chicken is easily prepared at home and enjoyed with family and friends at home.

Recipe of Fruit Cake

This is an easy and simple recipe of fruit cake. Dry fruit cakes can be baked in an oven or without an oven.

Recipe of pizza dough

This is the basic recipe of pizza dough. Its ingredients include all-purpose flour, oil, yeast, sugar, salt, and luke warm water.

Recipe for Chicken Bread

By following this recipe for chicken bread anyone can bake it. By shape, it looks difficult to bake but it is quite easy.

Recipe of mug cake

This is the easiest 1 min recipe of mug cake. When you have a craving for cake at midnight then must go for this mug cake.

Recipe of lasagna

This is a simple and authentic recipe of lasagna. Lasagna is a yummiest and cheesiest snack that gives a burst of flavors in mouth.

Eggless Banana Bread Recipe

This eggless banana bread recipe is soft, juicy, and a perfect tea snack for Sundays. Some ingredients are necessary and some are optional.

Garlic Cheese Bread

Garlic cheese bread is an easy tea snack. You can bake it instantly. It can be served as a starter before main meals.

Recipe of ice cream cake

This is a delicious recipe for ice cream cake. This Eid makes this cake and makes everyone surprised. Ice cream cake is easy to make it needs simple ingredients to make ice cream cake. Cakes can be made in a variety of ways. I have already shared some recipes for cakes but this is different...

Egg Potato Curry / Aloo Anday ka salan

This Egg potato curry salan is one of the common South Asia cuisines. It is the simplest method to prepare aloo anday ki curry/ egg potato curry. Garnish some chopped dhania on it. Serve it with boiled white rice, brown rice beside rice, serve it with homemade roti.  Enjoy this delicious egg and potato curry...

Punjabi Sabut Masoor Dal Recipe

This simple recipe for Punjabi sabut masoor dal is very easy to make. This recipe is very common on the South Asian side. Try this simple recipe by this method. Serve this sabut masoor ki daal with boiled white rice and garnish chopped dhania and slices of green chilli to make it tastier.

How to Cook Perfect Boiled White Rice on Stove

This is a simple recipe for boiled white rice. These boiled white rice can be served with any salan like chana dal, sabut masoor daal, kaly chanay ka salan, shaljam ka salan and with many. This is the quickest method to prepare these boiled white rice and use or suitable for any variety of salan....

Mutton Keema Karahi Restaurent Style Recipe

Mutton Keema Karahi is one of the delicious Pakistani dishes made with minced ground meat. So here, I’m sharing this delicious keema karahi recipe with you. This recipe is very easy to make and it is easily found everywhere in Pakistan. Basically, this recipe keema karahi is served with homemade roti and paratha and you...

Chicken With Turnip ( chicken shaljam ki sabzi)

This Chicken with turnip (shaljam) recipe is a Pakistani classic dish that is very popular all over Pakistan. Try this yummy and tasty recipe. It is served as a main meal with roti or nan. Health benefits of Shaljam Shaljam is a winter veggie it provides a lot of health and nutritional benefits Heart health...

Suji ka halwa / Semolina sweet dish

Make suji ka halwa with this easy method at home. You can add or mix anything like almond and as slices of coconut in besides, can garnish this sweet dish with the almond, coconut/narial and Raisin/ kishmish. Try this recipe of suji ka halwa/ Semolina sweet dish that home with this simple and quick method....

Kalay Chanay (Black Chickpea ) Recipe

kalay chanay or chickpeas in many varieties are available in South Asian stores. Sock these chickpeas for a few hours and for overnight before making them. You tried kalay chanay as an aloo chat many times. I have made this kalay chanay as a curry and it is Pakistani classic dish. Chickpeas lovers can try...

Chicken Pulao Recipe

Rice dishes are staple in all cuisines but cooked in different styles. When it comes to my choice I like chicken pulao it is even good to feed large gatherings. You can easily increase its amount from double to triple. When it comes to the color of the rice then I like brown-colored chicken pulao...

Sweet Vermicelli

Here we are showing a very easy and quick Sweet Vermicelli recipe. It’s a Pakistani dessert made with vermicelli, sugar, ghee, and nuts.

Chicken Tori Ka Salan

chicken tori is a very simple and healthy recipe. You can serve this tasty tori Chicken with white boiled rice and with homemade roti. It is easy to cook.

How To Make Butter Chicken At Home | Chicken Makhni

Butter chicken is probably one of the most popular Indian chicken recipes liked by all. It is traditionally known as Murgh makhni, is a type of curry made from chicken with a spiced tomato and butter(makhan) sauce. The best part about cooking up Butter Chicken at home is the ingredients list. Every ingredient is easy...

Chicken Sizzler with Garlic Rice

Chicken Sizzler With Garlic Rice If  yоu  аre  tired  оf  regulаr  flаvоr  оf  eаsy  рulао  аnd  bird  сurry  then  why  nо  lоnger  аttemрt  sоme  thing  оne-оf-а-kind  аnd  eаsy.  Recimag  website will  оffer  yоu  with  аll  fоrm  оf  reсiрes. The  ultimаte  hоme  mаde  gооdness.  Restаurаnt  quаlity  сhiсken  sizzler  with  gаrliс  riсe.  Just  mаke  it  оnсe  аnd ...

BBQ Chicken Biryani Recipe

BBQ Chicken Biryani is а sаvоry сhiсken аnd riсe dish thаt feаtures lаyers оf сhiсken, riсe, аnd аrоmаtiсs thаt squаre meаsure steаmed аlоng. very сheар lаyer оf riсe аbsоrbs аll the сhiсken juiсes beсаuse it сооks, giving it а yоung texture аnd mаde flаvоr, whereаs the highest lаyer оf riсe seems white аnd flоssy. Bаrbeсue,...

Easy Jelly Custard Trifle Recipe

The  Jelly Custard Trifle is а  simрle dessert tо рreраre,  esрeсiаlly fоr get-tоgethers аnd раrties.  Сhildren аnd grоwn-uрs аlike enjоy this сrоwd-рleаsing асtivity.  It’s оne оf my fаvоurite desserts,  whiсh  I  enjоy mаking fоr my friends аnd fаmily.  Simрle аnd quiсk tо рut tоgether if we hаve аll оf  the ingredients оn hаnd.

How to Make Namak Paray at Home

Namak Paray is one of the traditional Pakistani street food. It’s the evening time snack. Usually, people love to enjoy crispy Namak Paray with tea. It’s a simple and quick recipe that can make with few ingredients. To make it more delicious you can serve it with dipping sauce or chutney, drizzle your favorite sauce...

Homemade Dahi Baray Recipe

Dahi Baray is one of the most delicious dish. It can be easily, made at home sometimes bought from shop but at prepared are home even more tasty and delicious. Try this homemade dahi baray recipe at home and you try it with imli ki chutney. Also, make imli baray in easy way at home....

Fish Tikka Biryani

Fish tikka biryani is a wholesome combination of boiled rice and smoked fish tikka which are prepared with the amalgamation of spices. Fish tikka biryani can be served as a main dish either for lunch or dinner. You are absolutely wrong if you think biryani can only be made with mutton or chicken. Fish tikka...

How to Cook Grilled Salmon Fish at Home

The excerpt is the summary of the recipe post. It is used on recipe listing templates, where the full recipe should not be displayed.

Cabbage Fritters | Gobhi Ke Pakory

Try this yummy cabbage fritters/ band gobhi ka pakora by this simple and easiest recipe. Serve it with any sauce you may like tomato sauce, pudina chutney. Enjoy this yummy and tasty cabbage fritters/ band gobhi ka pakora recipe in the evening with tea. Serve it with imli sauce/ imli ki chutney that makes it...

How to Make Juicy Roasted Chicken at Home

Make a juicy roasted chicken recipe with this easy method. It is one of the most delicious dishes which is loved by the people of South Asia. Serve it with any sauce you may like. Enjoy it anytime at lunch and dinner or at any special occasion with your favorite sauce. Besides this, it is...

Mixed Kabab

This mixed kabab is very easy to make. Try these cutlet recipes at home by this simple and easy method. It is a very tasty recipe for Ramzan also. These cutlets are suitable for kids in their lunch boxes.  Try out this simple and quick recipe of the mixed kabab and enjoy it in any...

Spicy French Fries Recipe

This homemade Spicy French Fries recipe is very easy to make. Potato French fry chips are one of the Pakistani street food. Enjoy these spice fries with any burger. Serve these fries in the evening with tea and enjoy the homemade natural yummy fries with any sauce. Potato Fries are quick and easy-to-cook snacks. It’s...

How to Make Crispy Samosa

Crispy Samosa is very popular snack in Pakistan, you can try this samosa recipe, with this easy and simple method. Also available are samosa shops but instead of buying them, you can be made this delicious samosa at home easily.  Enjoy this snack with some tea. Serve the homemade hot, and as spicy crispy samosas...

Chicken Sizzler with Garlic Rice

Chicken Sizzler With Garlic Rice If  yоu  аre  tired  оf  regulаr  flаvоr  оf  eаsy  рulао  аnd  bird  сurry  then  why  nо  lоnger  аttemрt  sоme  thing  оne-оf-а-kind  аnd  eаsy.  Recimag  website will  оffer  yоu  with  аll  fоrm  оf  reсiрes. The  ultimаte  hоme  mаde  gооdness.  Restаurаnt  quаlity  сhiсken  sizzler  with  gаrliс  riсe.  Just  mаke  it  оnсe  аnd ...

Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Here we are going to present a classic restaurant-style Chicken Parmesan recipe. Chicken Parmesan is perfect for a busy weeknight you can add it to your dinner meal. It’s a quick and healthy option. It’s an Italian dish you can serve it with your favourite sauce like tomato or white pasta sauce or with melted...

Recipe of fry fish

This recipe of fry fish is easy to make as well as a great treat to taste buds. It adds value to your dinner table.

Tawa Fish Recipe

Authentic recipe of tawa fish is made with an amalgamation of simple spices with a splash of lemon and served with tamarind sauce.

Recipe of Chicken zinger burger

Chicken burgers are the favorite midnight snacks that come to mind when you crave munching. Chicken burgers are also an easy way to satisfy hunger when you are outside. These are equally liked by kids and adults. Even the kids who are not food lovers droll towards it and it not only satisfies their hunger...

Recipe of seekh kabab

This is an authentic recipe of seekh kabab. its ingredients are easily available in kitchen of every home,

Chapli kabab recipe

Chicken chapli kebab is a delicious chicken recipe. It is a side dish with the main meals. Chapli kabab has a scrumptious and tempting taste. It is a favorite of everyone. It is a treat for your taste buds. Even the pickiest eaters like chicken chapli kababs due to their yummy flavor.  You can impress...

Recipe of Finger Fish

This recipe of finger fish is simple and easy. It is a complementary dish along with the main meals in winter.

Chicken Balls

Chicken balls are a yummy, and juicy snack that when goes into the mouth filled with a pleasant burst of flavor.

Recipe of Chicken Momos | Dumplings

Momos/dumplings basically originated from Nepal. This is an easy recipe of momos. Momos can be steamed as well as fried.

Recipe of vegetable dumplings |Momos

Momos are also know as dumplings. This is an easy recipe of vegetable dumplings. These are made from flour and savory stuffing.