Kabli pulao |Kabuli Pulao

Kabli pulao is a special Afghanistani cuisine. Kabli pulao is a staple food in gatherings of Afghanistan. It is a healthy and flavorful dish due to its ingredients. In peshawar special tomato sauce is being served along with afghani pulao. Recipe to tomato sauce is shared below Nutrients in Kabli Pulao Calories 378 cal Carbohydrates...

Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe

This is an easy homemade condensed milk recipe. Taste of this condensed milk is more rich then store bought.

Chicken chow mein recipe

Chicken chow mein is a Chinese dish. It is actually a combination of sweet and savory ingredients that makes it a perfect dish.

Dry Chilli Chicken

Dry chili chicken is a Chinese dish. You can make it at home with simple ingredients which are available in every kitchen.

Pizza Without Oven

As you can see lots of pizza recipes with an oven but we can also enjoy the same taste without using the oven. Here,  Reimage presents Pizzа without oven recipe step by step for you. It is a dish оf Itаliаn оrigin соnsisting оf а flаttened disk оf breаd dоugh tоррed with sоme соmbinаtiоn оf...

Chicken White Sauce Pasta

Chicken White Sauce Pasta is Italian cuisine. Раstа is а tyрe оf fооd thаt is mаde frоm а mixture оf flоur, eggs, аnd wаter thаt is fоrmed intо vаriоus shарes аnd then bоiled. Раstа vаrieties inсlude sраghetti, mасаrоni, аnd nооdles. White Sаuсe Раstа is а simрle раstа reсiрe with а mouth-watering white sаuсe, соmmоnly knоwn...

Bechamel Sauce | White Sauce Recipe

Bechamel sauce (Besciamella) is one of the five classic mother sauces in Italian cuisine. So, We are going to present step by step method to make it a perfectly creamy and testy Sauce. Its also known as mother sauce because many sauces can be made with it as a base. It’s an important element for...

Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Here we are going to present a classic restaurant-style Chicken Parmesan recipe. Chicken Parmesan is perfect for a busy weeknight you can add it to your dinner meal. It’s a quick and healthy option. It’s an Italian dish you can serve it with your favourite sauce like tomato or white pasta sauce or with melted...

Smoked Salmon and Fusilli

This is an authentic recipe of smoked salmon and fusilli. It is a delicious combo of smoked fish and creamy cheesy pasta.

Recipe of chicken spaghetti

This is an easy recipe of chicken spagetti everyone can make it at home and it is loved by children who are choosey in eating.

Recipe of Chicken Alfredo Pasta

This is an authentic recipe of chicken alfredo pasta. It is made with alfredo pasta, chicken, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, cream, and butter.

Chicken Rigatoni Pasta Recipe

Easy recipe for making chicken rigatoni that is a great treat for your taste buds and is super easy to make at home.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe | Whipped Frothy Coffee

Dalgona Coffee recipe will change your regular taste and add some fluffy frothy factor to your regular coffee mug. It’s made by whipping all the ingredients, like instant coffee, sugar and some hot water in equal amounts. It’s totally up to you if you want to make cold coffee or hot coffee accordingly you can...

Recipe of Chicken Momos | Dumplings

Momos/dumplings basically originated from Nepal. This is an easy recipe of momos. Momos can be steamed as well as fried.

Recipe of vegetable dumplings |Momos

Momos are also know as dumplings. This is an easy recipe of vegetable dumplings. These are made from flour and savory stuffing.

How to Cook Grilled Salmon Fish at Home

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How to Make Namak Paray at Home

Namak Paray is one of the traditional Pakistani street food. It’s the evening time snack. Usually, people love to enjoy crispy Namak Paray with tea. It’s a simple and quick recipe that can make with few ingredients. To make it more delicious you can serve it with dipping sauce or chutney, drizzle your favorite sauce...

Cabbage Fritters | Gobhi Ke Pakory

Try this yummy cabbage fritters/ band gobhi ka pakora by this simple and easiest recipe. Serve it with any sauce you may like tomato sauce, pudina chutney. Enjoy this yummy and tasty cabbage fritters/ band gobhi ka pakora recipe in the evening with tea. Serve it with imli sauce/ imli ki chutney that makes it...

How to Make Juicy Roasted Chicken at Home

Make a juicy roasted chicken recipe with this easy method. It is one of the most delicious dishes which is loved by the people of South Asia. Serve it with any sauce you may like. Enjoy it anytime at lunch and dinner or at any special occasion with your favorite sauce. Besides this, it is...

Egg Potato Curry / Aloo Anday ka salan

This Egg potato curry salan is one of the common South Asia cuisines. It is the simplest method to prepare aloo anday ki curry/ egg potato curry. Garnish some chopped dhania on it. Serve it with boiled white rice, brown rice beside rice, serve it with homemade roti.  Enjoy this delicious egg and potato curry...

Punjabi Sabut Masoor Dal Recipe

This simple recipe for Punjabi sabut masoor dal is very easy to make. This recipe is very common on the South Asian side. Try this simple recipe by this method. Serve this sabut masoor ki daal with boiled white rice and garnish chopped dhania and slices of green chilli to make it tastier.

How to Cook Perfect Boiled White Rice on Stove

This is a simple recipe for boiled white rice. These boiled white rice can be served with any salan like chana dal, sabut masoor daal, kaly chanay ka salan, shaljam ka salan and with many. This is the quickest method to prepare these boiled white rice and use or suitable for any variety of salan....

Cheese Onion Toast Simple Recipe

Try this tasty recipe of cheese onion toast at home with this easy method. Serve it with coffee or tea with sauce or anything you like. You can eat chees onion toast as your evening time healthy snack or lunchtime meal. Hope you enjoy it.

Almond Biscuits Simple Recipe

You can easily make these almond biscuits/cookies or badam ke biscuits at home by this easy method. Serve these almond or badam biscuits/ cookies with anything like tea or coffee. Enjoy these at any time.

Mixed Kabab

This mixed kabab is very easy to make. Try these cutlet recipes at home by this simple and easy method. It is a very tasty recipe for Ramzan also. These cutlets are suitable for kids in their lunch boxes.  Try out this simple and quick recipe of the mixed kabab and enjoy it in any...

Fruit Cocktail Juice | Mix Fruit Juice

Juices are always considered the healthiest choice to pick for yourself. Fruit Cocktail Juice or Mixed Fruit Juice is one of the most healthy and refreshing Beverages or Juice, full of nutrients and tasty. It’s a summer special recipe. Make this special and cold recipe in summer with this easiest method and enjoy it.

How to Bake Super Moist Butter Cake

Butter cake and Almond Biscuits can easily be made at home by this simple and easy method. Once you made it you can put slices of pineapple or strawberry and any other fruit you like.

Homemade Mayo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Mayo chicken sandwich can be prepared quickly in a short time but it takes little time for its pre-preparation or mixture. You can make these sandwiches for kids at lunch they would really love to have these sandwiches in their lunch.  Try these tasty and yummy mayo chicken sandwiches and serve them with tea or...

Mutton Keema Karahi Restaurent Style Recipe

Mutton Keema Karahi is one of the delicious Pakistani dishes made with minced ground meat. So here, I’m sharing this delicious keema karahi recipe with you. This recipe is very easy to make and it is easily found everywhere in Pakistan. Basically, this recipe keema karahi is served with homemade roti and paratha and you...

Chicken With Turnip ( chicken shaljam ki sabzi)

This Chicken with turnip (shaljam) recipe is a Pakistani classic dish that is very popular all over Pakistan. Try this yummy and tasty recipe. It is served as a main meal with roti or nan. Health benefits of Shaljam Shaljam is a winter veggie it provides a lot of health and nutritional benefits Heart health...