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mango pickle recipe
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 1 Hr

Mango pickle is a traditional Punjabis love. They are fond of eating pickles. They can combine with rice, curries, and simply with parathas and dals. This mango pickle recipe is my mom’s recipe that she learnt from her mother. There are many different types of pickles like Lemon pickles, green chili pickles, seasonal veggies pickle and many more varieties. But this mango pickle should be made in the summertime in the season of mangoes and preserved for the whole year. During the summer pick fresh green mangoes for making pickle.

Ingredients for making mango pickle recipe


Choose fresh green mangoes for making pickles. Cut them into pieces.

Mustard Oil:

Choose a good quality of mustard oil. And add enough amount of oil soo all the mango pieces dipped in oil.


Salt act as a taste ingredient but it is also a preservative for pickles.


Use a balanced combo of all the spices like fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, nigella seeds, and coriander seeds.


Tips and Tricks for mango pickle recipe

Choose fresh ripe mangoes for making pickles.

After making pickles preserve them in an airtight jar.

Use a good amount and good quality mustard oil.

Place the spices for 1 -2 hours in sunlight so all the moisture would be vanished.


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  • First of all wash the mangoes then cut them into pieces. You can also cut first and then wash them But after this you need to dry them before adding spices.
  • Take 8 tbsp of salt and 3-4 tbsp of turmeric powder in a bowl and mix them then, and add it over the mango pieces. Mix them to spread evenly.
  • Cover and Kept them for about 24hrs. Mangoes release water. Strain mangoes and wastes their water.
  • Then Take 5tbsp of fennel seeds, 4 tsp of cumin seeds, 4 tsp mustard seeds, 4 tsp coriander seeds, 4 tbsp of fenugreek seeds and roast them just for 2 minutes to make them more aromatic. Them make them coarse by grinding in mortar and pastel.
  • Then add nigella seeds, 2 tsp of salt, and 3 tsp of red chili powder and this coarse mixture of spices over the mango pieces and mix them well.
  • Take one cup of mustard oil in a pan and heat it over low flame to take it to room temperature.
  • Add this oil over the mangoes and mix very well to evenly spread all the spices.
  • Keep it in a jar and wait for a few days to enjoy the yummy pickle of mango.