Mint Margarita Recipe

mint margarita
Yields: 3 Servings

Mint margarita is a cooling and refreshing drink. Mint aids in digestion it is good for the stomach and give relief from headache. It is easy to make. It is a good option of drink in summers for guests.

Ingredients of margarita

Mint: It is necessary for mint margarita.It has cooling effect in it.

Sprite: It is added in this drink.

Lemon: it gives the drink a more tangy flavor.

Sugar, salt : To give drink a balance of taste.


Garnish the drink with fresh leaves of mint.

Frost the edges of the glass with salt and lemon juice to give it a more royal look.


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  • Take water, mint springs, salt, sugar lemon juice in a blender and make a mixture.
  • Add it equally into 3 glasses.
  • Then fill it with 7up/sprite. and garnish with mint leaves. Mint margarita is ready to drink.